Acacia rugata

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Acacia rugata

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Sustainably collected from the foothills of mountains

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Botanical Name: Acacia rugata

Common Name: Shikakai, Rasula, Lasur

English Name: Soap pod

Parts Used: Fruit

Description: A large stragling shrub with more or less hooked prickles. Leaves 2-pinnate, pinnae 12-16, leaflets 30-50, membranous, 1-1.25 cm long; flowers in globose yellow heads, 1-1.25 cm across, arranged in panicle. Pods strap-shaped, straight, 7.6-10 cm long, thick and fleshy.

Uses: Pod is purgative, anthelmintic, anti-diarrhoeal, emetic and diuretic; improves appetite, used in constipation, troubles of kidneys and the bladder; externally they are applied to leprous patches, prurigo, abscesses, eczema and bubos. The seeds are said to facilitate delivery during childbirth. Tender leaves are appetizer and used in hair loss.

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