Our every episode is Theme based; Intro of the theme by our Host/Executive Producer Samuna KC, an animated drama, followed by either "ASK THE CEO" and/or Guest of the session.

"Wealth is not just about money, it is also about the knowledge or awareness of earning and expensing in proper manner" says Samuna KC. Absolutely true. Don't you too think so?

Money matters in every aspect and this is the era of digital transaction and Thaili in the drama emphasize on the need of individual's awareness on handling such digital transaction.

How the exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, sellers, end-consumers etc can have the transaction in ExportFromNepal.com? CEO Raj Sarraf, in this episode is describing about the process of digital transaction ExportFromNepal.com.

He further gives the information that, ExportFromNepal.com, the mega initiative and online digital platform, is the joint effort of Him Tech Inc. and Export From Nepal Pvt. Ltd. In Nepal, Export From Nepal Pvt. Ltd is collaborating with all Nepal-based exporters, manufacturers, suppliers etc whereas Him Tech Inc. is in collaboration with buyers, sellers around the globe. For more information regarding digital transaction, please go through the whole episode and we strongly recommend you to listen our audio podcast