ExportFromNepal.com is a mega initiative, a Global e-Commerce platform targeting Nepali product associated Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Nepal, and Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers and End Consumers worldwide. Together, with the use of technology, we can bring revolution to Nepal's Export Worldwide.
Our every episode is Theme based; Intro of the theme by our Host/Executive Producer Samuna KC, an animated drama, followed by either "ASK THE CEO" and/or Guest of the session. With the huge respect to all the frontline workers during this pandemic, host Samuna KC kicks off the show and addresses the global economy which is highly affected by Corona Virus.
During this pandemic, the light of hope has been lit in the name of ExportFromNepal.com and HamroSaman.com Is there any chances that social initiative approach in any business can help to deal this ongoing global economic crisis? The whole episode rounds around the non-profit/social initiative approach of Export From Nepal. Thaili in the drama showers some hope to her friends saying Export From Nepal can help the non-profit organization in Nepal. Ask The CEO: The CEO of Export From Nepal Mr. Raj Sarraf explains about the different approaches of social initiative through Prayas Program using ExportFromNepal.com outside the country and Hamro Prayas Program in HamroSaman.com inside the country.
This social initiative is a mutual approach where we will work with your non-profit organization in creating the importance of consuming Nepali products with a motive of buying, adopting, and selling different Nepalese local brands to Nepalese and non-Nepalese communities in your region. By participating in this program, your organization will earn 0.5% of every transaction made via unique URL as a corporate donation. 
Once the organization is registered on  our platform, we will provide the mentioned URL which your organization can promote on your social media channels as well as your website  along with promotional banners between our organizations in support of this initiative.   "Giving Back to the Society” as one of our major objectives with sustainability and ethical practices in mind, we would like to encourage your organization to join hands in this mega initiative to give Nepal a recognition it deserves in this era of Globalization.