We are pleased to introduce our very own Export From Nepal The Podcast where we will continue to talk about the Export From Nepal Industry, it's Past as we know, It's Present as we see, and It's Future as we should aim. Our every episode is Theme based; Intro of the theme by our Host/Executive Producer Samuna KC, an animated drama, followed by either "ASK THE CEO" and/or Guest of the session.

In Episode 1, we have brought to you, our first episode along with a theme containing sentiment of average NRN youngsters living abroad toward Nepali Products, its impact of Nepal's economy, followed by "ASK THE CEO" section where we have invited our Founder/CEO, Raj Sarraf, an MBA graduate and a computer engineer by profession. to the program.

About ExportFromNepal.com - Introducing a mega initiative, a Global e-Commerce platform targeting Nepali product associated Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Nepal, and Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers as well as End Consumers worldwide. Together, with the use of technology, we can bring revolution to Nepal's Export Worldwide. We are working hard to bring this platform to you as soon as the current Crisis is over worldwide and when it does, Nepal's Export will aim a new height.

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