ExportFromNepal.com is a mega initiative, a Global e-Commerce platform targeting Nepali product associated Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Nepal, and Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers and End Consumers worldwide. Together, with the use of technology, we can bring revolution to Nepal's Export Worldwide.
Our every episode is Theme based; Intro of the theme by our Host/Executive Producer Samuna KC, an animated drama, followed by either "ASK THE CEO" and/or Guest of the session.
The major focus of this episode is the onboarding process of exporters, vendors and manufacturers to 'ExportFromNepal.com', including creating opportunities for the youth through the platform with The CEO, Raj Sarraf.
Ms. Prashansa Sijapati, the National Coordinator of ExportFromNepal.com, is the guest for this episode. She explains about the stage-wise exporters, vendors and manufacturers onboarding process amidst COVID-19 pandemic. The first stage inculcates the research of ‘Nepal Made Products’. Plus, the second process includes the onboarding process along with providing in-depth training about digitalization and technology. “Because of the coronavirus pandemic, physical intact with the Nepal-based exporters, vendors and manufacturers is impossible in this period, therefore we are having the virtual platforms like WhatsApp, Viber and Zoom for the onboarding process,” states Ms. Sijapati.
The office of ‘ExportFromNepal.com’ is situated in Jwaagal, Lalitpur. Contact: 986-0389379 | Email: p.sijapati@exportfromnepal.com
ASK THE CEO: What is ExportFromNepal.com doing creating an environment to work digitally for the Nepalese youth based in any part of the world who wants to go back to the country or to those who are in Nepal and wants to do something for the country and for themselves?
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