ExportFromNepal.com is a mega initiative, a Global e-Commerce platform targeting Nepali product associated Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Nepal, and Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers as well as End Consumers worldwide. Together, with the use of technology, we can bring revolution to Nepal's Export Worldwide. Our every episode is Theme based; Intro of the theme by our Host/Executive Producer Samuna KC, an animated drama, followed by either "ASK THE CEO" and/or Guest of the session. We, especially Nepali people do have a strong as well as emotional attachment with our food (typical Nepalese food like Gundruk, Sinki etc). In this episode, we are talking about the availability of any sort of Nepali food in global market and the reasons behind the scenes. The CEO, Raj Sarraf in this particular episode gives the in-depth analysis of the current situation of Internationally Affiliated Testing Lab in Nepal. We, all are waiting for that moment when we can buy the Nepali typical food after officially tested and certified and that day is not too far. We, ExportfromNepal.com, are here for the same reason. For the full fledged information regarding the availability of raw food in international market and the homework being done by exportfromnepal.com, go through the full episode.