Brass Panas 23"(Set of 2)

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This panas contains a sada oil lamp set with leaves. It consists of few carvings and stylish leaves.
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Dimensions & Weights

• Weight: 9.25 kgs

• Top Diameter: 10.7 cm

• Lighting Compartment Base Diameter: 14.5 cm
• Leaf Length: 10.3 cm

• Height: 59 cm

• Base Diameter: 20.3 cm


This panas can be kept in showcases and cupboardsas a decoration item. It is also kept on the both sides of God or Goddesses.It also can be kept in entrances on both sides. 

Lighting Procedure

Oil is kept on the top of panas. A thin piece of lighting clothor cotton (kapash)known as 'ita'in newari or plainly ‘batti’in Nepali.


It can be cleaned with plain Pitambari Powder or Liquid and using some water.For extrashine, a Liquid known as “Dara”polish also can be used. “Dara” polish is a shine agent.

Master Piece Handicrafts @ Export From Nepal

Nepal is popular for its arts and handmade handicrafts since very long time ago. These artistic characteristic of Nepal and Nepalese are well-known all over the world. The metal crafting is the one of those arts which are like cultures and traditions to the Nepalese specially Newari people of Kathmandu valley which are passed down to the younger generation from their ancestors. This product “Panas” is also one of the finest arts and metal crafts which are handmade and hand-carved by one of the finest and skilled artisans of Nepal who has been crafting the metal crafts for centuries with the art being passed on by each generation. This product is made up of brass.Generally, Panas is a traditional oil lamp which is popularly used in Newar community at homes, temples as well as in opening days of new business, functions or any events for the positive and successful endeavors. It is also used for the ritual ceremonies in Nepal. This handcrafted brass oil lamp has attractive design and good look as it has an incredible amount of detail. This product adds elegance and charm to you Puja room or the room where you worship. This product also can be used as a decorative piece in hotels and other places.



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