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6" Tibetan Ceremonial Kapala Skullcup

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An Antique 6 inch Tibetan Ceremonial Cabala Tantrik Kapala Cup Skullcup 


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0.75 kgs
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20 x 25 x 7.5
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Length (cm)20
Width (cm)25
Height (cm)7.5
Product Tagsbowl, cup, kapala, handmade, skull cup, ritual object, religious, tantrik, offering bowl, puja item,

About Kapal In Detail

The skull cup Kapala, is used in tantric ritual practices to represent the transformation of delusion into perfect wisdom. The skull also symbolizes Great Bliss and is a potent symbol of impermanence. Traditionally crafted,hand made, it is one of the principal practice supports of the Tibetan Buddhist or Vajrayana yogin.In Kathmandu Newars offer alcoholic beverages pouring inside the skull especially to Bhairav god in order to please god for the prosperous life.


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