Copper Khadkulo

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A traditional kitchen utensil Khadkulo used for storing food and cooking which is made up of the copper metal.
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Khadkulo is a nepali product which is used for storing food and light cooking traditionally. Also, khadkulo is used in marriages for washing the feet of bride and bridegroom by their relatives. Khadkulo has a traditional importance in every marriage and used to be one of the important household utensils back then. The traditional authenticity of khadkulo has still been preserved now for decades. But, the modern day people have loved to use the khadkulo as a decoration item rather than it’s usage. From huge parties to doors of large and small buildings, the ways of usage of khadkulo as a decoration item is countless. You can use it for decorations inside racks, cupboards, in the middle of dining tables, living room tables, in front of house doors or any other doors. Fill this vessel with 90% water and sprinkle some flowers over it. There you go, your place's look enhanced! Usage is shown in picture.

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