Gurung Cultural Dress for Women

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Gurung Cultural Dress for Women, a cultural dress of the Gurung community who are the habitants of the lower part of the Himalayas of Nepal.

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Nepal is a country where one can find wide range of cultural diversity and people are deeply rooted in old customs and traditions. You can find various Nepalese traditional dresses on based on the caste and ethnicity. Among them, Gurung are the ethnic groups who are the habitants of lower part of Himalayas of Nepal. They have their own cultural dress which they wear during the time of festivals, ceremonies and other functions. The above product is the cultural dress of the women of Gurung ethnicity.

Gurung female wears cotton or velvet pullover calling Cholo which is tied in the front with a dim red shading Phariyas with different designs. They bind a scarf over the midriff calling Ghalek. Some ladies also take more of a shawl for a glimpse on the Shawl. They wear their ornaments and jewelry like: Dhungri on the ear, Naugedi, Jantar, Potey on the neck, a type of Sirbandi decorative on the head, Chhadke Tilari and many other ornaments.


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