Heaven Honey Woolen Carpet

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A 100 knotted carpet made with the Tibetan wool in the design of heaven honey.

Design: Heavenhoney,
Price Rate: @Per square meter,
Shipping Weight: @Per square meter

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6.50 kgs
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Product TagsHandmade, Handicrafts, Crafts, Carpet, Mat, Yarn, Rug, Wool, Woolen, Tibetan Wool
Seller Countries: Nepal

This carpet is a handmade carpet made with the Tibetan wool in the design of the heaven honey. The carpet is totally handmade in Nepal by the experienced artisan. This carpet has very unique and attractive design which gives it a rich and royal look. This carpet weighs approximately 5 kg. It has 100 knots.


Design Name: Heavenhoney 

Price Rate: @Per square meter  

Shipping Weight: @Per square meter,

Knot Type: 100 knots in each 10cmsquare,

Yarn: Tibetan wool


Note: Rug can be ordered as per your required size

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