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Tibetan Jhakri Tantric Tharu Shaman Buddhist Mask

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An Antique Wooden Tibetan Cultural Jhakri Tantric Tharu Shaman Buddhist Mask 

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Length (cm)20
Width (cm)20
Height (cm)25
Product Tagswooden, traditional, cultural, ethnic, mask, tharu, jhakri, witch doctor mask, antique, woodcraft, handmade

This is a beautiful antique master quality hand carved old wooden Tibetan Tantrik masks. This Is a Rare Tharu Reverse Shaman Exorcism Mask That Was Hand Carved by a Tharu Shaman. The Tharu People Inhabit the Terai Region of Nepal and Some Areas of Tibet as Well. Shamanic Masks Like This Are Used in Religious Rituals, Festivals, and Exorcism by Shaman and Sometimes by Buddhist Monks.              

 Detail About Mask and Origin

In the valleys and foothills on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, within the region of the so-called ‘Middle Hills’ in Nepal, there are tribes where belief in ancient ‘pre-Buddhist’ shamanism is still prevalent to this day. These tribes, such as the Tamang, Magar, Gurung,Rai and others, which are native to the northern and western part of the central Kathmandu valley, have a long-standing mask tradition.These masks are among the most primitive in use in the world, and are made by carving wood, coating it with yak butter fat, and charring it over a smoky fire. Their shamans and special dancers perform at ceremonies, theatrical performances and dances wearing masks and costumes. Their masks appear simpler, seemingly more ‘primitive’ than the large, colourful masks used for the Buddhist-Lamaist ‘cham dances’ in the Buddhist monasteries and temples of Nepal. These masks of the Shamanist tribes are smaller, yet alluring in their straightforward simplicity and are called ‘Middle-Hills-masks’. 

The present 'Middle-Hills-mask' is carved from lightweight, but hard wood. It displays cracks as well as heavy, age-related erosion on the front side (probably exacerbated through earlier long-term improper storage of the object).  

The shaman plays an important social role as the channeler of spirits for healing, purification, and protection of those under his supervision. Masks help the shaman embody one of the spirits that surround the living world and use it to heal the sick, drive away evil influences, and guide villagers through changes in their lives (birth, adulthood, changes in social status, death) that might be affected by the spirit world. When hung in a house, the mask serves a protective function.  The Magar and Gurung people use very similar masks for identical purposes.

When hung in a house, the mask serves a protective function.  The Raï people are known for making shamanic and house protective masks from the parasitic arboreal mushroom, Fomes fomentarius also known as tinder fungus.

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