Set of 2 Green Mix Felt Ball Trivets 20 CM

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Set of 2 Green Mix Felt Ball Trivet for protecting your table from heat used for placing pots, vases, or any utensils.

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Felt Ball Trivets are handmade product, manufactured using 100% wool. The wools are first rolled into required size and later pressed to give it a proper shape. The balls are then sewed together to make a rug. The trivets are used to place your pots or vases. The materials used to manufacture rugs are harmless to your children or pets. Also, they are harmless to the environment. This product is the set of 2 green mix felt ball trivets.


Packaging and Shipping

The product is packed in Polythene bags. It is placed into transparent plastic (individually or in a group) as per customer’s requirement. Later it is packed in non-transparent (opaque) bale or sack. 



Can I wash the Rug?
> No, the product is not washable in water.

How may I clean the rugs then?
> You have to use a soft brush. Non-toxic chemicals are available to clean the product.

Is the product safe to use indoor?
> Yes, the product is designed to use indoor. It doesn’t cause any harmful effects unless you chew a portion of it.

What if I have further Inquiries?
> Please feel free to leave us a message or do "Request a Quote" if you have any inquiries regarding the product.

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