Nepal is a geographically diverse and god gifted country inheriting more than 120 ethnic groups and their cultural uniqueness. Inimitably, a potential country in manufacturing different natural as well as culturally significant artifacts, at present, depends on more than 80% of its foreign trade on import. It hurts, makes you cry if you genuinely think how much we have succumbed to international products. On the one hand, we have been deviating from our own cultural identity, and the other we have been questioning our productivity and self-sustainability. The ignorance of the aspect of import will make us crippled and degrade our economic growth. It’s time every individual thinks about our trade situation, our consumption pattern, our presence in the international market. 

The time in this globalized world has arrived where, if a country doesn’t increase its export, not only will it lose its gross national income but will lose its resources and human productivity. Being the country depending on around 25% of its GDP via remittance, we are not only wasting our youth’s vitality in a foreign land but also the future of the next generation. Besides, the absence of domestic industries to seize the increased demand and utilize the income of remittance, we have depended upon the import to fulfill our basic needs. It’s time to feel the pain, why being an agro-based country we are still importing rice to satisfy even our own needs? Can we even call ourselves an agricultural country? 

It’s time to think, act, and grow. The market in this 21st century is not only limited to Nepal but has spread everywhere. There is no better time than at present to reach the world with our exports. It’s time Nepal aggressively focuses its energy and resources on export promotions to increase our productivity, improve on the foreign exchange earnings, and increase the income of not only the nation but every individual. It’s time to confine our youths to our own country, expose them to the resources, and create a fortune out of their energy and creativity. Focusing on production and export is the best way not only to generate high employment but also for the betterment of the overall society and nation. 

It’s time every individual thinks about how we can adapt and promote our Nepalese products. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”, let’s make this a mantra of our life and the day is not so far we will achieve a trade surplus for the overall country. 

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