12 Inch Full Moon Handmade Night Singing Bowl

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A 12 inched full moon night bowl, Tibetan singing bowl, handmade full moon night bowl, full moon singing bowl for yoga, meditation, sound healing, chakra balancing, music for teacher, healer comes with cushion, mallet and striker.

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Tribhuwan International Airport(TIA)
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2.90 kgs
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About 12 Inches Full Moon Singing Bowl: These bowls are made by hand on a Full Moon evening of each month by enhancing the subtle moon energy for healing vibrations. These singing bowls are chosen carefully by sound testing to ensure their healing properties. These exclusive healing masterpieces are carefully made for long lasting and powerful sounds. Traditionally, the bowls were made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the seven planets. The highest lamas used these bowls as ritual offerings to their gods and deities, and some believe the highest lamas used these bowls for rituals to travel to another level of consciousness, but it was forbidden to talk about these bowls, even within monasteries itself.

Types/Material: Handmade Singing Bowl



Diameter : 12 inch

Height : 5 inch Weight(approx.)

Weight: 2.900 kgs ± 15 gms


16 Most Amazing Benefits of Singing Bowl:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety significantly.

2. Lowers anger and blood pressure.

3. Improves circulation and increases blood flow.

4. Deep Relaxation and pain relief.

5. Chakra Balancing.

6. Increases mental and emotional clarity.

7. Promotes stillness, happiness and well being.

8. Aides the immune system, fibromyalgia and psoriasis in individuals that meditate.

9. A general sense of uplifting, inspirational, and positive energy.

10. Improvements in mental health.

11. Effective in pain therapy.

12. Increase in oxygen levels in bloodstreams.

13.Stimulates the immune system.

14. Promotes the release of the happiness hormones-endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

15. Calms and focuses the mind for meditation.

16. Eases hypertension. 


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