3D Ganesh Blessing Statue

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A statue of the 3D artistic figure of Lord Ganesh in a blessing position made up of metal which is totally handmade and hand-carved by our well-experienced artisan.
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Ganesh also known as “Ganpati” or “Vinayak” is one of the popular deities in Hinduism. He is famous for his body shape as he has the head of the elephant and body of a human. According to the Hindu belief, Lord Ganesh is worshipped at first in any Hindu rituals or auspicious occasions. He is the son of Hindu God and Goddess: Shiva and Parbati.

Our “3D Ganesh Blessing Statue” is the statue of Lord Ganesh in a blessing position, which is made up of metal, artistically crafted in a very unique and eye-catchy way. The statue is handmade by one of our fine artisans and craftsmen. The statue is antique and beautifully carved which is ideal for decorating your home, temple or gifting someone. 

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