Antique Tibetan Kapala Coral Kangling Tantrik Trumpet

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An Antique Tibetan Kapala Coral Kangling Tantrik Trumpet made of Metal Craft Handmade in Nepal

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0.65 kgs
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20 x 20 x 8
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Length (cm)20
Width (cm)20
Height (cm)8
Product Tagsmusical instrument, flute, ritual, buddhism, Tibetan crafts
Country: Nepal

                         Detail Description of the Trumpet

The kangling is a trumpet for Buddhist rituals formerly made of a human femur and used in rituals such as Tchöd or during funeral processions. The human femur is now replaced by a metal version as proposed here. Like our other musical instruments proposed, these metal kanglings have been carefully selected by an experienced Tibetan rituals master. These exceptional quality wind instruments are made in Kathmandu by an renowned craftsman who supplies the most demanding monasteries of the region. If you want to know more about this musical instrument, go in 'Dharmatèque'.

 A ritual object, like any instrument of religious practice, must be respected with circumspection. We remind you here some ethical rules:

  • Ritual objects are objects of practice that have the power to protect us and help us on the path to liberation. They should therefore be treated with respect, that is, kept away from the ground and places where people sit or walk or dirty places.
  • Outside ritual moments, objects should be protected by an appropriate holster for rest and / or transport and not mixed with, for example, dirty or soiled equipment / objects.
  • Ritual objects are not decorative objects. To acquire a ritual object, underlies that one wishes to use it for its practice and one must therefore devote a privileged place where it will remain outside the moments of practices.
  • If you no longer want to keep your ritual object, do not throw it away! Please contact the nearest Buddhist Center and make a donation. In doing so, this object will give you merit until the end of your relationship.


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