Buff Dry Meat - 500 Grams

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A spiced dry meat made up of the fatless meat dried along with other spices for the great taste.

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TIA Airport
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0.65 kgs
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10 x 20 x 15
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Length (cm)10
Width (cm)20
Height (cm)15
Seller Countries: Nepal

Our "Buff Dry Meat" is the dry meat made with the fatless meat of the buffalo which is boiled then dried in mustard oil. Then the spices likes salt, green chilly, garlic, green mustard seed, turmeric powder, timur (zanthoxylum) mustard oil and the squeezed liquid of lemon are mixed with the dried buffalo meat. This dry meat is one of the best local dish in Nepal which is liked by almost all the meat lovers.   

Weight: 500 gram

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