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Half Fire Gold Plated Copper 11 Inches Bhumpa

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A 11 inched height Bhumpa which is an important ceremonial item made by copper inner body and half fire gold plated.
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The Bhumpa, or Ritual Vase, is an important ceremonial item  used for holding holy water that has been blessed by the Guru.  The holy water is believed to remove negativity and to chase away  evil spirits,  and it is sprinkled or poured to purify  persons, places or objects. Bhumpas are widely used by Gurus in many types of ceremonies, from elaborate purification rituals  for new houses, monuments and holy sites, to simple blessings for disciples meant to purify and protect them from harmful  forces. Bhumpas may also be used by practitioners to make  water offerings; in such cases the water is regarded as pure nectar.

During the performance of some Tantric rituals two matching  Bhumpas are used. These are called the "chief" or "principal" vase,  and the "action" or "working" vase. The principal vase is filled with holy water and remains upon the altar in the  monastery or temple, while the action vase is used for the  actual pouring of water for purification during the various  stages of the ritual.

This is made by copper inner body and half fire gold plated . A bumpa (བུམ་པ་) is used for religious rituals in Buddhist Himalayas Sherpa and Tibetans Buddhist.It is generally made of precious metals including silver, bronze, steel, gold,copper and aluminium.


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