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Natural & Organic Unfiltered Rudilo Honey with No Added Sugar 260G.

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"Rudilo honey" is harvested in winter seasons from Rudilo flower (also known as Pogostemon benghalensis), which are naturally occurring medicinal plants/flowers found in the hilly region of Nepal. It is the best alternative for sugar. Our "Rudilo Honey" is healthy and organic honey.

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Until sugar became widely available in the sixteenth century, honey was the world’s principal sweetener. Let us go back to the natural ways of enjoying sweet taste by choosing honey. Nepali Farmer’s Honey comes from various beekeepers operating in eastern hilly regions of Nepal.


Ingredients: Pure naturally sourced honey harvested in winter season, from Rudilo flower also known as Pogostemon Benghalensis which is a medicinal plant.



Immunity-Boosting Tonic:

– Slice lemon thinly & add them to the jar

– Slice or mince ginger & turmeric

– Add sliced/minced ginger & turmeric to this jar (If you want, you can add black pepper also)

– With a spoon, stir contents of the jar evenly

– While stirring, squeeze the lemons to release their juice

– Store this jar in the fridge & enjoy 1-2 tablespoon tonic daily with our honey


Benefits: Better than Refined Sugar, Antioxidant Properties, Lower Blood Pressure, Boost Immunity, Lower Bad Cholesterol, Improve Blood Flow, Treatment of Cough, Fast Wound Healing

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