Copper Butter lamp

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"Copper Butter Lamp" is a traditional butter lamp or a ritual implement used in Buddhist temples and monasteries to offer light to Buddha.

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0.50 kgs
Package Volume (LxWxH) (cm):
13.5 x 13.5 x 18
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Length (cm)13.5
Width (cm)13.5
Height (cm)18
Product Tagsmetal, metalcraft, copper, butter lamp, lighting, offering lamp, diyo, pala, religious, spiritual
Seller Countries: Nepal

Our “Copper Butter Lamp” is made up of oxidized copper alloy with brass rings. The Butter Lamp is decorated with beautiful carvings to give a beautiful look and designs. The lamp is commonly used for offering the light to Buddha. In the Buddhist culture, each light offering celebrates the enlightment of the Buddha, thus, is valued with a good fortune. The lamp is filled with oil or butter and with a wick, which keeps burning and lights for a long time.


Physical Description

Height: 15cm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Top Diameter: 10.5cm

Bottom Diameter: 6.5cm

Materials used: Copper alloy brass rings

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