Crimson Red Fish Bone Pattern Design Double Ply Stole

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A Double Ply Stole in a Fish Bone Pattern Design in Crimson Red Color made up of the normal quality pashmina in the size of 27 x 78 inches.
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This is a Double Ply Stole which is made up of the normal quality Pashmina. Pashmina is a type of wool that comes from goats specially bred for their soft undercoat, from which the pashmina fibers are made. The material comes from Pashmina goats from the Himalayan region of Asia. The fine undercoat, consisting of dense, soft and thin hair of the goats is used to create fabrics. It is this undercoat that gives cashmere wool its unique characteristics. This stole comes in a crimson red color in a fish bone patterned design. This is perfect for the winter. This stole is unisex due to which both men as well as women can wear it. It comes in the size of 27 x 78 inches. As it has a very unique and attractive design, it is trendy and fashionable as well. This stole is very popular in Europe and America as well.


Brief Detail:

Size: 27 x 78 inches

Net Weight: 425 grams

Material: Normal Quality Pashmina

Color: Crimson Red

Design: Fish Bone Pattern Design

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