Statue of Green Tara Gold Plated

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Nepali Statue Of Green Tara Copper Gold Plated Antique Finishing
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4.00 kgs
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35 x 25 x 25
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Length (cm)35
Width (cm)25
Height (cm)25
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Samaya Tara, popularly known as Green Tara. She is represented in a royal ease posture with her left leg bent her left leg overstepping the main lotus and resting on a blue lotus ready to get up and offer assistance to those in need. She is portrayed with maroon Buddhist robes and jewelry. The earrings represent patience, understanding, and renunciation. The diadem with five jewels represents the transmutation of the five delusions into the Five Buddha Wisdoms. She is shown with a benevolent countenance seated upon a white moon disk which is associated with special restorative nectar associated with the naval chakra center. In Buddhists, the moon symbolizes the wisdom aspect which when coupled with compassion leads to Sakyamuni Buddha's enlightenment. Her right hand is gracefully lowered in varada mudra, the boon-granting gesture.

Handmade Gold plate statue of Green Tara Made in Nepal

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