Gurkha Khukuri, Local Nepalese Knife - 15 Inches

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Local Nepalese traditional hand made knife and popularly known as the national weapon of Nepal and Gurkha Knives.
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0.74 kgs
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9 x 3 x 13
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Length (cm)9
Width (cm)3
Height (cm)13
Product Tagskukri,khukri,khukuri,traditional knife,gurkha knife,army knife,hand forged,Nepali knife,gorkha knife
Seller Countries: Nepal

Khukuri is a local name for the traditional knife of Nepal, made from iron. It is very famous arm among the Gurkha Army. Almost all the Nepalese soldier carry this kind of local knife in their back belt as their traditional weapon. It is totally hand made and available in different designs and sizes. The size of this Khukuri is 15 inches alonge with the cover.

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