Hair Braid Tassels for Women: पोते झुम्का ठुलो आखा डोरि

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A hair braiding tassel (पोते झुम्का ठुलो आखा डोरि) for women in red color with the glittery glass bead eye-like decoration at the end, ideal for hair decoration and extension. 


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0.10 kgs
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10 x 8 x 2
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Length (cm)10
Width (cm)8
Height (cm)2
Product TagsAccessories,Head Gear,Teej,Hair Braid Tassel,Bridal,Dori,Nepali Customs,Nepali Bridal,Punjabi Tradition,Paranda
Seller Countries: Nepal

This is a hair braid tassels (पोते झुम्का ठुलो आखा डोरि) for women which is in red color with the glittery glass bead eye-like decorations at the end. This hair braid tassel is used for braiding the hair to make your hair look beautiful whereas it is also used as a hair extension. This product is specially designed for women to use in different weddings, parties as well as festivals. It can also be gifted to your dear ones. This is the traditional and cultural method of braiding your hair for most of the women in Nepal. This product is totally handmade by the experienced artisans. 

Note: The braid are also available in other colors. So please do not hesitate to leave a message if you have any queries regarding the product and its features.


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