Hand Knotted Nepalese Carpets

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A rug or carpet made up of wool, silk and Tencel in the size of 9x12 foot in 100 knots.

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Country: Nepal

In the carpet industries, the hand knotted carpets are internationally recognized as the most luxurious and attractive carpets. To make these carpets, first the wools are collected by shearing the wool from the sheep. These wools are then washed, dried and carded by hand. Afterwards, these carded wools are dyed in the desired color. Then the knots are tied to make the carpet according to the desired size and design.

Our “Hand Knotted Nepalese Carpet” is the hand knotted carpet made of wool, silk and Tencel which consists of 100 knots with the size of 9x12 foot. This carpet has a beautiful and colorful finish which can make a good and attractive addition in your home. It is strong, heavy and durable.

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