Soft & Durable Handmade Daphne Nepali Lokta Paper Sheet

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"Handmade Paper Sheet" is the Nepali paper which are well known for the strength, softness and durability. These unique and attractive handmade papers are ideal for making paper crafts and wrapping giftbox or decorating other things.

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HBTL and it's community enterprises have received FSC, Organic, OneCert, Wildlife Friendly and for Life Certification.

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Nepali handmade paper is well-known for its unique strength, softness and durability. Our Handmade Paper Sheet papers are available in a vast array of weight, colors, textures, patterns and prints completely customized to the buyers taste and requirements.

Paper Color: Natural (off-white), multi-color chemical dye, multi-color vegetable dye

Paper designs: Screen print, Flower & Leaf pressed, Grass & Grain pressed, Leather & Wrinkled finishes, Marble design, Crinkle design, Steep design, Waterproof and so on.

Availability of paper weight: 5gm, 10gm, 20gm, 30gm, 40gm, 50gm, 60gm, 70gm & 80gm

The paper can be used for making paper crafts and wrapping giftbox or decorating other things.

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