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100% Natural and Organic Naturally Dried Sencha Green Tea Leaves

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Our "Sencha Green Tea" is made by handpicked and naturally dried Sencha green tea leaves from the eastern region of Nepal from around 1000-3000m altitude. Sencha is rich in Vitamin C as it is harvested in the first flush.

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Ingredients: Naturally dried Sencha green tea leaves



– Boil water in a teapot & then remove from heat

– Add 1 teaspoon Sencha green tea leaves into the teapot and close its lid

– Let it sit for about 5 minutes

– Pour the tea into a mug using a strainer

– Add refined/unrefined sugar or honey as per you taste


Benefits: Prevents Common Cold, Improves Brain Function, Decreases Premature Aging, Increases Fat Burning, Reduces Bad Breath, Prevents Type 2 Diabetes, Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases, Helps in Weight Loss, Facilitates Proper Bowel Movement, Maintains Reproductive Functions, Reduces Inflammation, Prevents Cell Damage

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