High Quality Export Level Fresh Organic Yam or Colocassia Fruit

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The yams or colocassia fruits that are grown and cultivated in Nepal organically.
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Country: Nepal

Yam which is a fruit of an edible plant called Colocassia. The fruit yam is grown inside the soil which is like a root of the plant. These are the yams which are grown and cultivated organically in Nepal.Yams are consumed as cooked starchy vegetables. They are often boiled and then mashed into a sticky paste or dough. In Nepal, yams are also used in lentils to enhance the taste. The local Nepali name of Yam is "Pidalu".

Note: Please feel free to leave a message if you have any queries or order regarding the price and quantity of the yam through “REQUEST A QUOTE” above. The price is dynamic depends upon the actual price of buying time.

*Safety certifications may be required depending upon the import requirement of destination country*

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