Monastery Quality Buddhist Statue of Vajrasattva Full Fire Gold plated , Painted Face

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Monastery Quality Buddhist Statue of Vajrasattva Full Fire Gold plated , Painted Face code: HME21857 Weight : 7.86 Kg(s) size :47x35x23 Cm
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Monastery Quality Buddhist Statue of Vajrasattva Full Fire Gold plated Painted Face

Weight: 7.86 kg
Size: 47x35x23 cm
Material: Copper Gold plated

About the Product

Face: Gold Painted

Protecting the Face
As the face is painted it is highly recommended that the face of the statue is to be greatly taken care of as it requires a very professional and skilled face artist to repair the face of dirt and damages. Commonly to protect it from damage the statue with painted face is placed under a glass box and it is always covered with a cotton face mask if it has to be moved

Video of Face Painting

Finishing: Full Fire Gold Gilded

Detailed Description of Mercury Gilding - Source wikipedia
Fire-gilding or Wash-gilding is a process by which an amalgam of gold is applied to metallic surfaces the mercury being subsequently volatilized leaving a film of gold or an amalgam containing 13 to 16% mercury. In the preparation of the amalgam the gold must first be reduced to thin plates or grains which are heated red-hot and thrown into previously heated mercury until it begins to smoke. When the mixture is stirred with an iron rod the gold is totally absorbed. The proportion of mercury to gold is generally six or eight to one. When the amalgam is cold it is squeezed through chamois leather to separate the superfluous mercury; the gold with about twice its weight of mercury remains behind forming a yellowish silvery mass with the consistency of butter.

When the metal to be gilded is wrought or chased it ought to be covered with mercury before the amalgam is applied that this may be more easily spread; but when the surface of the metal is plain the amalgam may be applied to it directly. When no such preparation is applied the surface to be gilded is simply bitten and cleaned with nitric acid. A deposit of mercury is obtained on a metallic surface using quicksilver water a solution of mercury(II) nitrate the nitric acid attacking the metal to which it is applied and thus leaving a film of free metallic mercury.

The amalgam is equally spread over the prepared surface of the metal the mercury is then sublimed by heat just sufficient for that purpose; for if it is too great part of the gold may be driven off or it may run together and leave some of the surface of the metal bare. When the mercury has evaporated which is known by the surface having entirely become of a dull yellow color the metal must undergo other operations by which the fine gold color is given to it. First the gilded surface is rubbed with a scratch brush of brass wire until its surface is smooth.

It is then covered with gilding wax and again exposed to fire until the wax is burnt off. Gilding wax is composed of beeswax mixed with some of the following substances: red ochre verdigris copper scales alum vitriol and borax. By this operation the color of the gilding is heightened and the effect seems to be produced by a perfect dissipation of some mercury remaining after the former operation. The gilt surface is then covered over with potassium nitrate alum or other salts ground together and mixed into a paste with water or weak ammonia. The piece of metal thus covered is exposed to heat and then quenched in water.

By this method its color is further improved and brought nearer to that of gold probably by removing any particles of copper that may have been on the gilt surface. This process when skillfully carried out produces gilding of great solidity and beauty but owing to the exposure of the workmen to mercurial fumes it is very unhealthy. There is also much loss of mercury to the atmosphere which brings extremely serious environmental concerns as well.

This method of gilding metallic objects was formerly widespread but fell into disuse as the dangers of mercury toxicity became known. Since fire-gilding requires that the mercury be volatilized to drive off the mercury and leave the gold behind on the surface it is extremely dangerous. Breathing the fumes generated by this process can quickly result in serious health problems such as neurological damage and endocrine disorders since inhalation is a very efficient route for mercuric compounds to enter the body. This process has generally been supplanted by the electroplating of gold over a nickel substrate which is more economical and less dangerous.

Fire Gold Plating In Nepal

Making Process: Lost-Wax System

Vajrasattva: Brief Introduction

Vajrasattva is also regarded as Adi-Buddha by Nepalese Bajracharya's who follow Vajrayana tradition according to the text Vajrasattva Kaya. His body is white with one face and two hands. His right-hand holds a five-pronged golden vajra at his heart. His left-hand holds a silver bell at his side. He sits in the Vajraparyanka posture wearing precious silks and ornaments with jewel diadem. His body is adorned with the major and minor marks of a Sambhogakaya and emits a clear limitless light. It appears to lack all notion of substantiality like the reflection of the moon in the water.

Vajrasattva has a father-mother aspect too. Generally this form is not exhibited in open. It is shown only to those who are initiated in the Highest Yoga Tantra. His form is the same as in the single one but his consort carries a Kartika in her right hand and a kapala in her left hand.
IconographyVajrasattva is pure white in colour and is sometimes known as the Prince of Purity. His name means "Adamantine Being" or more poetically "Embodying Reality". He is a member of the Vajra family of Akṣobhya which also includes Vajrapāṇi.
He is depicted as a young man in the prime of life with all the silks and jewels of a wealthy prince. In his right hand he delicately balances a vajra at his heart. In his left had he holds a bell at his waist. The vajra represents Reality and Compassion; while the bell represents Wisdom.

Vajrasattva is said to have been originated from seed syllable Hum and is generally invoked for removal of obscuration of Kleshavarana and Jneya Avarana. His hundred syllable mantra is very efficacious in purifying our defilements through confession practice. It is said if confession is done with the four opponent powers then non-virtuous actions or obscurations will be purified. The first opponent power is the force of reliance. This means looking upon the visualized image of Vajrasattva as the embodiment of oneÂ’' refuge. The second opponent power is the sincere regret for the non-virtuous action done by oneself. The third opponent power is desisting from evil deeds. The fourth opponent power is to apply power of good deeds; and specially regarding this case practicing the meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva without parting from Bodhicitta while remaining in the state of emptiness. Vajrasattva is a very popular tutelary deity for Nepalese Vajracharya. He is worshipped very often by Nepalese Buddhists through Guru Mandala ritual.

In some mandalas Vajrasattva represents the Adi Buddha or the Primordial Principle of Buddhahood; in others he changes places with Akṣobhya in the East. In Shingon Buddhism it is Vajrasattva that passes on the initiation of the Dharmakāya Buddha Mahāvairocana to Nāgārjuna thereby creating the Vajrayāna lineage.Vajrasattav PurificationPurification of Body
Your disturbing attitudes and negativities in general and particularly those of the body take the form of black ink. Sickness takes the form of pus and blood and afflictions caused by spirits appear in the form of scorpions snakes frogs and crabs. Flushed out by the light and nectar they all leave your body through the lower openings like filthy liquid flowing down a drain pipe. Feel completely empty of these problems and negativities; they no longer exist anywhere.
Purification of Speech
Your disturbing attitudes and imprints of negativities of speech take the form of liquid tar. The light and nectar fill your body as water fills a dirty glass: the negativities like the dirt rise to the top and flow out through the upper openings of your body: your eyes ears mouth nose etc. Feel completely empty of these problems; they no longer exist.
Purification of the Mind
Your disturbing attitudes and the imprints of mental negativities appear as darkness at your heart. When struck by the forceful stream of light and nectar the darkness completely vanishes. It is like turning a light on in a room: the darkness does not go anywhere it simply ceases to exist. Feel that you are completely empty of all these problems; they are non-existent.
Simultaneous Purification
Do the three above visualizations simultaneously. This sweeps away the subtle obscurations that prevent you from seeing correctly all that exists. Feel completely free of these obscurations.
The Power of the Promise
After reciting the mantra and doing the visualizations make the following promise to Vajrasattva specifying a period of time for which you intend to keep it:
"I shall not create these negative actions from now until ."
Vajrasattva is extremely pleased and says "My spiritual child of the essence all your negativities obscurations and degenerated vows have been completely purified."
With delight Vajrasattva melts into light and dissolves into you. Your body speech and mind become inseparably one with Vajrasattva holy body speech and mind. Concentrate on this.

Due to this merit may I soon Attain the enlightened state of Vajrasattva That I may be able to liberate
All sentient beings from their suffering.
May the precious bodhi mind Not yet born arise and grow. May that born have no decline But increase forever more.Mantras in Various Language


Mantra of Vajrasattva

om vajrasattva hum

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