Old Stock , Tibetan Statue of Amoghasiddhi Buddha, Last Piece

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Old Stock , Tibetan Statue of Amoghasiddhi Buddha, Last Piece code: HME21666 Weight : 1.71 Kg(s) size :21x14x11 Cm
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Product Tags Tibetan Statue, Amoghasiddhi Buddha Statue, Statue, Metal Craft Statue, Idol, Sculpture
Country: Nepal

Old Stock Tibetan Statue of Amoghasiddhi Buddha Last Piece

Weight: 1.71 kg
Size: 21x14x11 cm
Material: Copper

About the Product

Making Process: Lost-Wax System

Amoghasiddhi Buddha: Brief Introduction

Amoghasiddhis is one of the five important Dhyani Buddhas. His name describes his characteristics perfectly. Amogha(Amoha) means the exclusion of confusion or spiritual ignorance siddhi means Mastery in a subject. So in Amoghashiddhi is a Master to help remove confusion and spiritual ignorance.

"Mogha" can also be translated as a failure unfruitful or unsuccessful. Thus Amoghasiddhi is also the master of success the one whose success cannot be obstructed. This is perhaps the most common description for Amoghasiddhi "the Buddha of unobstructed success."Teachings of AmoghashiddiAmoghasiddhi teaches us that Spiritual understanding is the deepest and fullest grasp of the universal truth that every experience and every object arises out of certain conditions. Likewise every object and every experience becomes part of the conditions out of which other objects and experiences in turn arise.

A dynamic endlessly unfolding. That is Amoghasiddhi's field his home. So the wisdom of dwelling in this place is the wisdom of actions that are perfected. Actions are performed for the good of all beings and the actions accomplish that perfectly. This world of perfected action is one of perfected conditions: harmonious serene pure.
Icongraphy of AmogshiddhiAmoghasddhi's direction is the north. His time is midnight and so in visualizing Amoghasiddhi he is surrounded by a sky of midnight blue. His element is air and thus he has the power of the wind both fierce and gentle warming and cooling a baby's breath a tree-breaker. His particular wisdom as we have discovered is the wisdom of all accomplishing action. He is described as the Buddha of the realization of the Bodhisattva path a Buddha of actions actions perfected and free of karmic consequences actions that are pure crystallized and transparent.

Amoghasiddhi's color is green. His vehicle is Garudha a half human and half bird mythical imaginary creature. Amoghasiddhi's sits in abhaya mudra with his right hand held palm facing outward in front of the heart this Mudras mean protection and removal of fear. That quality of fearlessness essential to living the spiritual life. His spiritual object is the double dorje that symbolizes the highest comprehension of truth the incomparable power of a Buddha.


Mantra of Amoghsiddhi




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