Wooden Garuda Mask

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A hand carved wooden mask of Garuda. Ideal for decorating your home or gifting someone.

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TIA Airport
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1.30 kgs
Package Volume (LxWxH) (cm):
33 x 13 x 39
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Length (cm)33
Width (cm)13
Height (cm)39
Product TagsHandmade, handicraft, Crafts, Traditional, Decorative Item, Religious, Wood, Wooden, Mask, Garuda Mask, Wooden Garuda Mask
Seller Countries: Nepal

According to the Hinduism and Buddhism, Garuda is a legendary bird or bird-like creature. He is also regarded as Vahana or vehicle of the Hindu God Vishnu. Garuda is described as the king of birds and a kite-like figure. He is shown either in zoomorphic form (giant bird with partially open wings) or an anthropomorphic form (man with wings and some bird features). Garuda is generally a protector with the power to swiftly go anywhere, ever watchful and an enemy of the serpent.

Our “Wooden Garuda Mask” is the mask of Garuda made up of finest wood. The mask is hand carved and painted by one of our fine artisans and craftsmen. The mask is antique and beautifully carved which is ideal for decorating your home or gifting someone. The mask can be customized in the desired size and quantity if ordered in advance.



Material: Wood

Weight: 1 kg

Length: 30 cm

Breadth: 10 cm

Height: 36 cm


Note: The above-mentioned weight and area are net weight and area, so there will be difference after packaged.

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