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Chakra Massage Oil

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A massage oil made with diferent herbs, beneficial for sensitive skin and helps keep the body and mind cool and free of heat irritation and also balancing the fire element in the body.

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Length (cm)12
Width (cm)10
Height (cm)5
Product Tagsessential oil, special herbs, herb extract, herb extraction, aromatherapy, wellness, rest, relaxation, aromatic oil, medical, cosmetic, fragrance, massage oil

Our Swastika Massage Oilis the oil for massage, formulated with herbs that are traditionally used in Tibet to harmonize mKtrikpha, the fire element. It is good for sensitive skin and helps keep the body and mind cool and free of heat irritation, especially in the summer season. Infused with Artemisia Silveriana, Mentha Arvensis, Santalum Album, Swertia Chirata, Emblicva Officinalis, Picrorhiza Scrophulariiflora and HHT* Blend. We supply five different infusions in high quality plastic pump dispensers.


Brief Introduction:

Ingredients: HHT blend with Picrorhiza, Mentha. Santalum Album, Swertia Chirata etc.

Product Dimensions: Height 15 cm x Diameter 3.5cm

Weight: 110 ml

Benefits: To keep mind and body free of heat irritation.

Meditational Significance: To balance the fire element in the body.

Directions for Use: Take massage with this oil


Safety Warnings: Do not place at child's reach and store in cool place.

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