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100% Pure Natural Organic Juniper Berry Oil

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An essential oil extracted from the steam distillation process of the berries of Juniperus cummunis beneficial for supporting clear breathing, playing vital role in cleansing action of skin, maintaining the calmness and elaxing the body, and other health benefits.

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Organic Juniper Berry Oil has woodsy and sweet scent that can create a soothing and peaceful aroma. The berries are considered as the most therapeutical parts of the plant which is extracted by the steam distillation. When it is directly inhaled it helps to support clear breathing and juniper play a vital role in the cleansing action to the skin. It also can be used as the massage oil for the different joints of the body. When juniper is applied thoroughly it maintains the calmness and relaxes the body. The harvesting season is from February to April.


Brief Detail

Common Name: Juniper Berry

Botanical Name: Juniperus cummunis

Botanical Family: Cupressaceae

Cultivation: Wildcrafted

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Plants part: Berry

Yield: 3-4%

Local Name: Dhupi


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