Nepali Vajra, Copper Antique

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Nepali Vajra, Copper Antique code: HME22440 Weight : 3 Kg(s) size :9x32x9 Cm
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Product Tags "Handmade Statue", "Nepali Vajra Statue", "Copper Antique", "Statue", "Metal Craft Statue", "Idol", "Sculpture"
Seller Countries: Nepal

Nepali Vajra Copper Antique

Weight: 3 kg
Size: 9x32x9 cm
Material: Copper

About the Product

Finishing : Antique Finishing

Making Process: Lost-Wax System

Vajra: Brief Introduction

The thunderbolt or diamond that destroys all kinds of ignorance and itself is indestructible. The Vajra is symbol of Indra also. In tantric rituals the Vajra symbolized the male principle which represents method in the right hand and the Bell symbolized the female principle is held in the left. Their interaction leads to enlightenment. Also the Dorje or Vajra represents the "Upya" or method Tibetans name Vajra as "Dorje".

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