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100% Pure Natural Organic Abies Essential Oil (10ml) | Aromatherapy | East Himalayan Fir Oil | Herb Extract | Treats Cold

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"Organic Abies Essential Oil" is a herbal oil extracted from Abies Spectabilis (East Himalayan Fir). Beneficial for treating colds, rheumatism and nasal congestion.

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Organic Abies Essential Oilis made from the evergreen tree called Abies Spectabilis (East Himalayan Fir). It is a conifer species in the family of Pinaceae and the genus firs. It is found in Nepal, India, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is large tree up to 50 m (160 ft) tall. Its crown is broadly conical with branches horizontally spreading ad cones cylindrical. 14-20 cm long and about 7 cm thick. This essential oil is beneficial in treating colds, rheumatism and nasal congestion.

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